Classical Guitar

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Welcome to our Music Diary page for classical guitar! 

Make a note of these recommended activities in your Music Diary to help with your practice.  We'll be adding new activities regularly to keep you inspired. 

Regular practice can be fun and will help improve your playing or singing.

Remember - you're in charge of your practice routine so you can work at your own pace.  Keep working on new pieces or skills until you feel confident with them before moving on to the next challenge.  

Click here for Resources for Curriculum Music

Click here for Resources for Aural and Theory


Use the Instrumental Update Worksheets (Worksheet 1 PDF     Worksheet 2 PDF) to help you get the most from these activities in your practice.




  • Correct Guitar Hold

Making sure you are holding your guitar and sitting correctly will help improve your playing.  Ms Crosby shows you how:

  • Walking Fingers  

Give your fingers some daily exercise!

  • Warm Up Excercise - Copycat Games

Warming up is an important part of your practice routine.  Here's how you can do it at home:

Warm up and pass the ketchup!

Get to know string three using this worksheet and video tutorial

Everyone's favourite thing to eat, and now Ms Eady shows you how to play it too!

  • Left Hand Exercise Band C to D 

An exercise to use as a warm ups:

  • 'By the Light of the Moon' and 'Merrily' with GAB     Sheet Music PDF     

Two pieces for beginner guitarists.  Taken from the Musica Kirklees Guitarist Beginner Book and now with a helpful video tutorial.

  • Memorising a Tune - 'Cobbler'

Top tips from Ms Crosby on how to play from memory:

Practise this song with Ms Eady, ready for a rainy day!:

Follow the activities on the worksheet to learn two new pieces of music.  When you're familir with the pieces try playing along with the backing track.

  • Right Hand Thumb Exercises on Bass Notes     

Exercises to use as warm ups

  • Right Hand Position - pima with Free Stroke

Ms Eady shows you right hand finger positions using 'pima':

  • Right Hand Freestroke pima with Moving Bass Line DAE

Give your thumb a workout around the bass notes:

A good piece to play on your own, with accompaniment from a family member or using our free mp3 download backing track

A march in five parts.  More advanced players might like to try out the part in 5th position:

The chromatic scale makes music that reminds us of creepy crawlies - here's an excercise for all the spidermen and spidergirls out there!

Part 1:

Part 2:



Grades 1 - 2

A creative way to explore Eminor.  Once you've watched the video and downloaded the worksheet, try playing along with the backing track.

Sakura is a Japanense song about blossoming cherry trees. Classical guitarists grades 1 - 5 can learn to play it using this sheet music, the worksheet and Ms Eady's YouTube video tutorial.

  • Harmonics 

Produce different sounds on your guitar using harmonics:

There are different parts for different abilities so please choose the part you feel comfortable with and play along with the backing track

Practise your composition skills and test your knowledge of 2nd position.

Download the sheet music for lots of tunes to develop your bass note playing.


Grades 3 - 4

An arrangement in 5 parts of guitar.  Learn one (or all!) of the parts and play along with the backing track or with a musical member of your family.



Grades 5 and above

A collection of free stroke exercises to help develop right hand technique using G7 and C chords



Additional Activities and Resources

Looking for more fun ideas, hints and tips or challenging activities?  Try some of these below:

Record your practice by colouring in this chart.  How will you celebrate when you've filled it all in?   

  • How to Tune at Guitar

Miss Roulson shows you how to tune your guitar so you're ready to play:

A fiendishly fun set of questions for classical guitarists (answers at the bottom of the document). Ideal practice for anyone wanting to brush up their skills or working towards a music exam. Suitable for grades Initial to 3.

Looking for a note?  Find them all here in these quick guides

Puzzle solving fun!  Can you find all of the words in the wordsearch, and where all of the parts are on your guitar?

Test your knowledge of Italian musical terms as you hunt them down in this wordsearch.  If you don't know all the words, see how many of them you can learn.

45 pieces for classical guitar.  The pieces range in difficulty and include songs by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and George Ezra, arranged for classical guitar by Miss Roulson.

Use this worksheet to discover how to build chords in a key and put the theory into practice