School paid lessons with MUSICA KIRKLEES

School funded individual/small group tuition

As well as whole class activities, clubs and workshops, we offer schools in Kirklees the opportunity to apply for individual/small group tuition on behalf of their pupils.  Invoices and all communication about the lessons get sent directly to your preferred school contact.  There are any number of ways in which students can benefit from these lessons and all applications are welcome.  Here are just a few of the reasons you may like to consider applying:

  • Looked After Children (LAC) with the Kirklees Virtual School are entitled to funded tuition.  Schools should be able to reclaim the full cost of the lessons from the Kirklees Virtual School.
  • LAC pupils from out of area may also be entitled to funded tuition - please check with the council overseeing their care plan
  • It may be suitable for some pupils to have lessons funded by Pupil Premium
  • Individual/small group lessons are particularly beneficial for pupils working towards GCSE or A-Level music exams or similar qualifications
  • Individual/small group lessons allow pupils with additional emotional or educational needs to build confidence in a focussed and supportive environment
  • Lessons are tailored to the individual to enable pupils who show a passion for music to flourish
  • Lessons work hand in hand with the tuition pupils receive in WCET or other classroom settings

About our school paid lessons

Here's what you can expect from lessons with Musica Kirklees:

  • Term-time lessons for school age children (at their school or local centre) and adults (at their local centre)
  • Choose from a wide variety of instruments or learn to sing
  • A variety of lesson packages to choose from to suit your requirements
  • A Music Diary plus annual report to keep parents/carers informed of pupils' progress
  • A guarantee of 30 lessons minimum per full academic year or pro rata
  • Option to loan an instrument - subject to availability.  Instruments are loaned to the school.  A one-off admin fee is charged (£20 2022-23) and the school is responsible for any maintainance, servicing, replacement or repair costs.  An Instrument Loan Agreement will be issued with full details.

How to apply

Schools can apply online (this must be completed by a member of school staff.  Applications from parents/carers for school paid tuition will not be accepted):