The Clarinet

This useful information from our woodwind team has been put for anyone interested in playing this brilliant instrument.

Lesson packages start from £82 per term for children/£100 per term for adults, with discounts of up to £30 per term for Kirklees Priority Passport holders.

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Useful information

Let's get playing!

Beginners of all ages can get playing the clarinet.  As soon as children are able to hold the instrument comfortably (usually age 7 upwards) they can get playing!  Our woodwind team are able to advise on a case by case basis for younger/smaller children to ensure everyone can sets out on the right path to playing their chosen instrument.  Pupils receiving lessons from Musica Kirklees can loan a clarinet from us (subject to availability).


Special features

The clarinet has a warm, mellow tone.  It can blend with as well as lead an orchestra or any ensemble.  Clarinets are found in orchestras, wind bands and jazz bands – it is a very versatile instrument.

Why choose the clarinet?

Clarinettists are welcomed in all sorts of ensembles and groups.  They also get to try out all different styles of music - there's lots to choose from.

Players also develop good breath control and can develop their own individual tone.

Learning to play any instrument develops lots of new skills.  What are the particular benefits of playing the clarinet?

Clarinettists are needed to play in all sorts of ensembles and groups.  They also develop good breath control and players can develop their own tone.

The clarinet and its instrument family

The clarinet is part of the woodwind family.  It looks a bit like an oboe but can easily by its wider, single reed mouthpiece.  This is what gives it a mellower tone than the oboe. 

The very youngest/smallest children may like to start on a curve headed flute or a recorder before moving on to the clarinet; these instruments are also members of the woodwind family.  When they have a slightly longer reach, the skills these pupils have already started developing can be transferred to playing the clarinet 

Are there any famous musicians or pieces associated with the clarinet?

‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by Gershwin, ‘Five Bagatelles’ by Finzi and ‘The Cat’ in Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev are all famous pieces featuring the clarinet.  Benny Goodman and Emma Johnson are famous clarinettists.