Welcome to Musica Youth Strings Ensemble

Conductor: Peter Simons

Musica Youth Strings (MYS) is the String Section of Musica Youth Orchestra and also operates as an independent string ensemble.

The group is widely recognised throughout the country, largely due to its phenomenal success at the National Festival of Music for Youth.
Success has also been achieved on a regular basis at the Mrs Sunderland Music Festival, in Huddersfield.

Students are encouraged to compose works MYS which the ensemble incorporates into its repertoire, often resulting in much acclaim.
Our musicians enjoy a balance of repertoire which helps extend musical and technical development, involving an increased awareness of musical styles. Members enjoy the same experience of foreign tours as are on offer to players of MYO.

Auditions for MYS

Take place during the Summer term.

For more information, please contact Niki Matthews (PA to the Principal): [email protected]