Lead Organisation for the Kirklees Music Education Hub


Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) 



The past few weeks have been very difficult for everyone and we do appreciate the patience and support that you have all shown towards Musica Kirklees.  I would just like to clarify a few points as we move into the summer term.


  • We have decided that, in order to maintain our long-term future, our only sensible option is to furlough the majority of our staff.  
  • There will be a small "Working From Home" team of teachers who are not furloughed - they will be able to produce some materials and resources for everyone to access (via our website).
  • As most teachers are now furloughed they will be unable to email individual lessons plans to students as we’d originally hoped, so our Working From Home team are striving to provide alternative ways of supporting all students.  We have a teacher representative of each instrumental discipline still working and they will develop weekly ideas, information and resources for all students.  These guides will be created specifically for each instrumental discipline and will take the form of some videos, ideas for music and signposting to activities so that you/your child can maintain a focused weekly practice routine and continue to develop musically.  The guides will be hosted on our website and organised by grade, covering beginner up to advanced students, so you can easily identify what would be of use to you/your child.  New ideas for each instrument will be added to our website on a weekly basis and we’ll email you as they become available.
  • We are looking to provide training for staff for online tuition should this current situation continue.
  • No parents/carers/pupils will be charged for lessons or music centre during the Summer term (the early April payment request for Direct Debit customers related to lessons already delivered in the Spring term).  All the resources we are providing are therefore free of charge for you to use.
  • There have been some wonderful performances uploaded by some of our students to show how they are making excellent use of the resources we are providing and the practice they are doing.  Thank you for these - they really lift our spirits at this time. 


We sincerely hope that you and all your loved ones are staying safe and well and look forward to the time when we can return to teaching and working with all our amazing students.


Kind regards on behalf of all of us at Musica Kirklees.

Thom Meredith


Musica Kirklees