The Trombone

If you're looking for a fun and versatile instrument, look no further than the trombone!  This useful information from out brass team will you decide if this is the right instrument for you.

Lesson packages start from £82 per term for children/£100 per term for adults, with discounts of up to £30 per term for Kirklees Priority Passport holders.

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Useful information

Let's get playing!

The trombone is for everyone!  It's a good idea for children to start once they've got their adult teeth although teachers are happy to advise on an individual basis.  By age 8/9 most children's arms are long enough to be able to move the trombone slide far enough to play all the notes.  Younger children can start playing too and learn more notes as they grow.  Little children may like to start with a 'pBone'; these light, bright and easy to clean plastic trombones are easy to manage for all players.  Trombones and pBones are available on loan for lessons from Musica Kirklees (subject to availability).

Special features

The trombone makes a great sound.  It can provide real power when required and is unique as a brass instrument as it is the only one able to move seamlessly between notes, thanks to the way that sound is played by moving the 'slide' (the tube that goes backwards and forwards).

Why choose the trombone?

The trombone is an instrument full of personality!  Players can choose to explore many different styles of music, from classical to jazz, ska, brass band and wind band playing.

As with all brass instruments, benefits include:

  • Good for breathing and posture especially for those who suffer from asthma
  • You can join lots of groups
  • Playing encourages independent learning as well as working as part of a team

The trombone and its instrument family

The trombone is a member of the brass family.  Some brass instruments are played by pressing buttons to move valves, but with the trombone you can actually see the length of the tube change when you play in different slide positions.  

Most people play metal trombones, but there are now exciting brightly coloured plastic pBones which are lighter, making them manageable for young children to start learning to play.

The trombone in action

The driving rhythm, improvisation, melody and harmony are all played at various points throughout this performance by the trombonist.  With singing too!

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue:

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