Useful information

Who can have voice lessons

Singing should be encouraged as soon as children start to control the sounds they make, and some young children sing before they can talk!  Singing in choirs is encouraged from an early age.  Singing lessons take place in junior schools upwards.  Some technical singing needs mature vocal chords (yr 7 upwards) but at all ages pupils can learn how to look after their voice and get the most from their singing through voice lessons.


If it is not suitable for everyone, what alternative instrument would you recommend and why?

Everyone can sing! Very few people are ‘tone deaf’ and everyone can improve the sound they make.  

What qualities of singing are special?

Singing is a fun activity – everyone has their own unique sound and singers have the added advantage of not having to carry an instrument around!

Learning to play any instrument develops lots of new skills.  What are the particular benefits of voice lessons?

Singing is beneficial for all musicians – it helps to develop pitch and intonation and also builds confidence.  

Why choose voice lessons?

Singers work across all styles of music, from Gregorian plainsong to contemporary styles.  A good basic technique will help anyone working in all styles of music to keep their voice healthy throughout their life.

Are there any famous singers or pieces associated with the voice?

Too many to mention!  From pop artists to opera stars, singing is everywhere!