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The Trumpet

This useful information from our brass team tells you all about this brilliant instrument.

Lesson packages start from £82 per term for children/£100 per term for adults, with discounts of up to £30 per term for Kirklees Priority Passport holders.

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Useful information

Let's get playing!

The trumpet is an excellent choice for both children and adults interested in exploring brass instruments for the first time.  Although children generally benefit from having their adult teeth our brass team can advise on a case by case basis.

Subject to availability, trumpets can be loaned for lessons from Musica Kirklees.

Special features

The trumpet has been around for hundreds of years in different forms.  A pair of playable 3000 year old trumpet-like instruments were found amongst Pharoah Tuhankhamun's treasures!  Trumpets make a bright, majestic sound and can be used to play a wide range of styles.

Why choose the trumpet?

Trumpeters can play as soloists and in orchestras, wind bands, swing bands, jazz bands - and many more!

As with all brass instruments, benefits include:

  • Good for breathing and posture especially for those who suffer from asthma
  • You can join lots of groups
  • Playing encourages independent learning as well as working as part of a team

The trumpet and its instrument family

The trumpet is probably the most famous members of the brass family.  One of its close relatives is the cornet.  The trumpet looks longer than the cornet, and it is its long bell (the wide part where the sound comes out) that gives it a charactaristic bright sound compared to the mellower sound of a cornet.  Players can start learning on a cornet and easily transfer their skills to the trumpet, or vice versa.

The trumpet in action

These three trumpeters each show their personalities through their improvisation and individiaul style in jazzy piece.

Jubilee performed by Wynton Marsallis, Bucky Pizarelli and Ruby Braff:

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