Welcome to Musica Youth Orchestra (MYO)

About MYO

Musica Youth Orchestra (MYO), under the umbrella of Musica Kirklees, was founded in September 2000 by Thom Meredith.  Its aim is to provide high quality orchestral opportunities for the students in the area who have reached advanced standards of performance.

MYO embraces a variety of genres and styles, from classical to contemporary, film and popular, engaging in project work with other arts organisations and complementary groups.

Since its creation, MYO has performed with guest musicians, including Rick Uttley, Yuanfan Yang, John Lill, Craig Ogden and Grammy award nominee Beth Neilsen Chapmen.  Alongside regular local performances, MYO have toured Europe and the UK, performing in venues as varied as Disneyland Paris and the Royal Albert Hall.

Sectional Leaders

Each section of the orchestra is tutored by a separate member of staff and the string section is a successful orchestra in its own right.

Musical Director: Mr Nick Dolling

Woodwind: Mrs Rachel O'Sullivan

Brass: Mr Nick Dolling

Percussion: Mr Tom Merry

Strings (also an orchestra in its own right - Musica Youth Strings): Mr Will Mace and Mr Peter Simons

Who can join?

Membership is by audition for instrumentalists age 21 and under who meet one or more of the following standards of playing:

  • Woodwind - grade 6+
  • Brass - grade 6+
  • Percussion - grade 6+
  • Strings - grade 4+

Email [email protected] for more information or apply online for an audition: