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The Viola

Our strings team has put together some of useful information about this awesome instrument

Lesson packages start from £64 per term for children/£74 per term for adults, with discounts of up to £20 per term for Kirklees Priority Passport holders.  Please see INSERT LINK TO PRICE LIST PAGE for details.

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Useful information

Let's get playing!

Children of all school ages as well as adults can learn to play the viola. 

Small scale violas can be played by younger/smaller pupils and adult-size violas come in a range of sizes too to fit the individual player.  Musica Kirklees can loan different size violas to get you on your way (subject to availability).

Special features

The viola has a rich, deep tone and a mellow sound. 

It is very close to the sound range of the human speaking voice. 

Violists can make the instrument sing or be dramatic and play either by plucking or bowing the strings.

Why choose the viola?

Viola players are always in demand and they can perform in orchestras and ensembles at every stage of their learning.

As well as developing all round technique and musical knowledge, playing the viola can also improve co-ordination as both hands are working together but independently on the bowing/plucking or fingering.

The viola and its instrument family

The viola is part of the strings family.  It is similar to a violin as it is played tucked under the chin, however it has a deeper tone and the music is written in a different clef.  Cellos and double basses are the larger, deeper sounding relatives of the viola and they are played seated.

The viola in action

Here's a performance showcasing two violas.  Notice how the instruments are bowed, tucked under the chin and have a mellower, deeper sound than violins.

Viola Duet no. II, F61 by WF Bach, performed here by PTM:

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