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The Baritone

Our brass team has put together some useful information on why the brilliant baritone may be the perfect instrument for you.

Lesson packages start from £82 per term for children/£100 per term for adults, with discounts of up to £30 per term for Kirklees Priority Passport holders.  Please see INSERT LINK TO PRICE LIST PAGE for details.

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Useful information

Let's get playing!

The baritone is an excellent starter instrument for young brass players and adults.  It is one of the larger brass instruments but still manageable for most children age 7 and upwards.

It is generally easier to learn once a pupil has started to develop their second teeth, but this varies and depends on the individual.  Our team are always here to help if you'd like advice on finding the right brass instrument for you/your child and instruments are available to loan from Musica Kirklees (subject to availability).


Special features

Baritone players are very important in brass bands and can be found in wind bands too. 

The instrument produces a warm, bright sound and is chosen as the solo instrument of the band in lots of pieces.

Why choose the baritone?

As with all brass instruments, playing the baritone has lots of benefits:
  • Good for breathing and posture especially for those who suffer from asthma
  • You can join lots of groups
  • Encourages independent learning as well as working as part of a team

The baritone and its instrument family

The baritone belongs to the brass instrument family and sound is made by buzzing air into the mouthpiece.  There are valves too (the buttons that you press) to help play different notes.

Its closes relatives are the euphonium which produces a mellower sound, and the tenor horn which is slightly smaller with a higher sound.  Smaller players might like to start learning with the tenor horn before moving on to the baritone.

The baritone in action

This player makes the baritone sings over the top of the other brass band instruments.

The Holy Well by Peter Graham with soloist Katrina Marzella:

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In Yorkshire we have some of the world's leading brass bands - there are usually two baritones in a brass band.