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Welcome to the Violin

The violin is the smallest member of the string family and produces the highest sounds.  It descends from the viol and has been used as a solo instrument for centuries.  

It is a particularly virtuosic instrument and although many people associate the violin with classical music, it has been used to great effect in folk music, pop, rock and jazz.  The violin has 4 strings that are tuned to G D A E.

'Sweet Child of Mine' - performed by Adam DeGraff

'How High The Moon' - performed by Stefan Grappelli

Useful information

Who can play the violin

Depending on the individual, children as young as age 3 or 4 can play the violin.  Musica Kirklees teach pupils of school age upwards.    


If it is not suitable for everyone, what alternative instrument would you recommend and why?

Violins are suitable for everyone.  Smaller scale violins are available for younger/smaller children.  Your Musica Kirklees teacher would recommend the right size for you.

What qualities of the violin are special?

Most orchestras/ensembles require a large number of violinists.  The violin is an extremely versatile instrument used in a wide variety of musical genres.  As playing the violin requires a number of different movements simultaneously it can enhance and improve co-ordination.

Learning to play any instrument develops lots of new skills.  What are the particular benefits of playing the violin?

Violinists develop a strong sense of rhythm and harmony.  Violin players are always in demand to perform with bands.  This can increase confidence, performance skills and your ability to improvise musically.

How are violins similar/different to other string instruments?

Violins are played tucked under the chin like a viola, but have a higher, sweeter sound.  Music for the violin is written in a different clef to the viola, however many advanced violinists choose to play the viola as well, and vice versa.  Cellos and double basses are bigger instruments with deeper tones than the violin and are played seated.

Are there any famous musicians or pieces associated with the violin?

There are many famous violinists such as Nigel Kennedy, Nicola Benedetti and Venessa Mae.