Activities for Schools

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The information provided here is just a summary of what we offer.  If you've got a specific request, a project in mind or would like to discuss how we can support music making in your school, please contact us at

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) (Previously First Access)

WCET is a very important initiative for music making in KS2 and the guidance as to what constitutes a WCET lesson has evolved over the last few years.  In order that the same message is reaching all schools, the following should be used as a checklist - 


  • are subsidised by Central Government funding (via Arts Council England, allocated to Musica Kirklees - this funding is used to subsidise all musical activity that relates to WCET and the continuation of music education)
  • are delivered to whole classes of pupils (usually in Year 3/4) and must be free to pupils at the point of delivery
  • should be supported by the Head Teacher and Governors
  • should involve a visiting instrumental teacher with the class teacher actively involved
  • should take place within school curriculum time and can form part of the pupils’ National Curriculum music provision for one year
  • are closely monitored (participation data must be collected locally and will be collated nationally).

What we can offer:

  • African Drums
  • Brass - baritone, cornet, euphonium, French horn, trombone, trumpet, tuba or mixed brass
  • Drum practice pads
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Music Technology
  • Strings - cello, double bass, viola, violin or mixed strings
  • Ukulele
  • Woodwind -  bassoon, clarinet, flute, ocarina or recorder
  • Handbells and related Percussion (KS1 only)

Recommended minimum contact time is 45 minutes 

Tuition on other instruments may be available on request.

We are keen to work with individual schools to formulate an ongoing, sustainable programme to meet schools’ and pupils’ needs.

Benefits to children include:

  • Accelerated educational development
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved collaborative learning and work skills
  • Enhanced learning
  • Improved concentration, turn-taking and listening skills
  • Boosts well-being and promotes good mental health

CPD Opportunities

Recent Music Audit visits to schools have identified a need for Music Co-ordinators, Heads of Music and Head Teachers to access music CPD to support the new National Curriculum and also to develop confidence as both music leaders and classroom teachers.

In response to this we are setting up a series of training courses in order to help meet the needs of teachers working within the new National Curriculum framework.

If you would like to ensure that you receive full details of our CPD sessions, please email giving your preferred contact email address.  We would also be delighted to hear of any ideas for CPD that would assist you in the future. 

Continuation Classes

After the initial year of WCET, it is essential that children do not lose the opportunity to play an instrument or sing.  Schools, the Local Authority and the Music Service should work together to ensure that pupils, who wish to, are able to continue to learn (DfE target: 50%).  Current national statistics show that 28% of young people are classed as ‘continuing’ to learn to play an instrument.
We aim to supply, where possible, an instrument for pupils to continue playing.

Continuation classes are happening across Kirklees but function in very different ways.  For example, a school may purchase a lunchtime/before/after school class for a large or small group.  Groups can meet on a weekly basis for 30/45/60 minutes per week.  Some schools require parents/carers to pay for or contribute towards the cost of continuation; some schools request a weekly sum from parents/carers to help contribute to the tuition fees.  The contract for delivery is between the school and Musica Kirklees and it is the school’s responsibility to collect money directly from the parents/carers or other sources such as Pupil Premium.

Small Group and Individual Lessons

We have a strong tradition of music making within Kirklees.  Musica Kirklees staff are dedicated professionals with current DBS checks; are performance managed and undergo regular professional development.  They expect high standards from pupils and give them the required musical skills to become outstanding musicians.  We provide tuition on all standard orchestral instruments, voice, piano, keyboard, percussion, saxophone, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, ukulele and instruments from the brass band family.

These lessons will normally be taught on a weekly basis (up to 33 weeks of the year) by our peripatetic staff.  There are two ways of funding these lessons – schools purchasing time through Musica Kirklees or parental payment.

Families who hold a Kirklees Priority Passport are entitled to a maximum of £30 discount per term from our standard prices.  We have a bursary scheme (Gift of Music) for 7-14 year old children who demonstrate musical talent, potential and commitment, but whose families have significant financial barriers which prevent them from being able to afford regular, ongoing musical tuition.

Extra-Curricular Music Groups (Breakfast/Lunchtime/After School Clubs and Ensembles)

The following popular activities are available in 30, 45 or 60 minute weekly sessions:

  • African Drumming Group
  • Brass Group
  • Guitar/Ukulele Club
  • Music Technology
  • Recorder or Ocarina Group
  • Rock Band Studies
  • Samba Group
  • School Band
  • School Choir
  • School Orchestra
  • Steel Pans
  • String Group


One-off workshops are not covered by the National Plan for Music Education subsidy and are charged per hour per member of staff (minimum booking - 1 hour).  Our range of workshops includes:

  • African Drumming
  • Singing
  • Samba
  • World Music Hand Drumming
  • Song writing

#LearnToPlay visits

#LearnToPlay brings our teachers to schools across Kirklees for some FREE musical fun.  The aim of the sessions is to give pupils the chance to get hands-on with instruments, get inspired and learn about the musical opportunities available to them through Musica Kirklees. 

Working in small groups, we’ll bring a whole range of instruments to demonstrate and let your pupils pluck, strum, bang and blow.  We’ll provide everything you need to help promote the #LearnToPlay message in your school through flyers and we’ll have Facebook and Twitter messages on our feeds ready for you to share.  If you’d like to book a FREE visit for your pupils, please email (please note spaces are limited).

Song-writing & Popular Music Composition at GCSE and A Level

These sessions are aimed at inspiring and developing the ‘inner composer’ in GCSE and A Level students and can be offered as one-off workshops or as a series of classes over the course of a term. Sessions will introduce a variety of approaches for starting and developing compositions.  Students will be guided in how to analyse the structure, melody, harmony, arrangement and lyrics of popular song in its many genres in order to both widen and better inform their creative palettes. These sessions can be designed to run in conjunction with exam board requirements and offer the opportunity for students work to receive feedback from a professional songwriter before submission. 

Talking & Song-writing

These one-to-one sessions are designed for pupils who could perhaps particularly benefit from the therapeutic experience of writing a song. It’s often easier for us put thoughts, feelings and emotions into songs than it is for us to say them. Song-writing can offer an opportunity for pupils to release their feelings and emotions and this can have an immensely cathartic effect. It can also give pupils a great sense focus, as they take ownership of something that they have created. Courses can be designed in accordance with the particular pupils’ needs. 

Song-writing & Recording Workshops

These sessions are designed to give pupils the experience of song-writing; of creating and taking ownership of their own piece of popular music. Often, these sessions will begin with the teacher introducing pupils to a simple way of developing lyric ideas. Then, with the teacher’s guidance, the group will contribute ideas to help craft and develop the song - all driven by a theme conceived at the start of the session. Upon arriving at a finished, original song, these sessions can go on to explore aspects of recording and production - resulting in a finished, professionally mixed track. In other cases, they can culminate in a performance. These workshops could perhaps be used to create a new ‘school song’, or even a Christmas song. They are very flexible and can be run with both large and small groups of students, and as anything from a one-off to weekly sessions.

Live Music Experiences

The National Curriculum states that all KS2 pupils should understand and appreciate a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music.  We provide specialist players to perform in your school covering a variety of musical styles and instruments.

The Live Music Experiences take place during the last week of the Autumn term.

For all live music experiences, please contact  If there are any dates/times we need to avoid, please provide details when booking. 

Please be aware that these do get booked up early and we strongly recommend that you reserve your live music experience as soon as possible. 

  • Christmas Ukulele Singalong 
  • Pop Music Recital
  • The Orchestral Experience

Schools - Activities - School Paid Tuition


School funded individual/small group tuition

As well as whole class activities, clubs and workshops, we offer schools in Kirklees the opportunity to apply for individual/small group tuition on behalf of their pupils.  Invoices and all communication about the lessons get sent directly to your preferred school contact.  There are any number of ways in which students can benefit from these lessons and all applications are welcome.  Here are just a few of the reasons you may like to consider applying:

  • Looked After Children (LAC) with the Kirklees Virtual School are entitled to funded tuition.  Schools should be able to reclaim the full cost of the lessons from the Kirklees Virtual School.
  • LAC pupils from out of area may also be entitled to funded tuition - please check with the council overseeing their care plan
  • It may be suitable for some pupils to have lessons funded by Pupil Premium
  • Individual/small group lessons are particularly beneficial for pupils working towards GCSE or A-Level music exams or similar qualifications
  • Individual/small group lessons allow pupils with additional emotional or educational needs to build confidence in a focussed and supportive environment
  • Lessons are tailored to the individual to enable pupils who show a passion for music to flourish
  • Lessons work hand in hand with the tuition pupils receive in WCET or other classroom settings

About our school paid lessons

Here's what you can expect from lessons with Musica Kirklees:

  • Term-time lessons for school age children (at their school or local centre) and adults (at their local centre)
  • Choose from a wide variety of instruments or learn to sing
  • A variety of lesson packages to choose from to suit your requirements
  • A Music Diary plus annual report to keep parents/carers informed of pupils' progress
  • A guarantee of 30 lessons minimum per full academic year or pro rata
  • Option to loan an instrument - subject to availability.  Instruments are loaned to the school.  A one-off admin fee is charged (£20 2022-23) and the school is responsible for any maintainance, servicing, replacement or repair costs.  An Instrument Loan Agreement will be issued with full details.

How to apply

Schools can apply online (this must be completed by a member of school staff.  Applications from parents/carers for school paid tuition will not be accepted):


WCET, Continuation and Extra-Curricular Activities: below is an example of costs for 2022/23.  We can alter the minutes per week to suit your needs. 

Length of Session

Weekly Cost

Number of Visits

Yearly Cost at £44 per Hour

30 minutes (minimum)


33 per academic year


45 minutes


33 per academic year


60 minutes


33 per academic year



There is no cost to the school for teachers’ travel expenses/time allowance for travel - just for the time that the teacher is in your school.

The first session will be used for planning with Musica Kirklees staff and the Head Teacher/Class Teacher as appropriate.

Please note: for some activities, additional time may be required for setting up/packing down/tuning - for the 45 and 60 minute sessions, this can either be built into the lesson time or can be purchased additionally.  For 30 minutes sessions, it must be purchased additionally - please speak with the relevant Musica Kirklees Area Manager if you are unsure.

Workshops: £50 per hour per member of Musica Kirklees staff required 

Funding Applications

Musica Kirklees is always willing to work in partnership with a school, a group of schools and outside organisations.  There are several organisations, including Youth Music, who encourage joint applications from schools and music services for new musical ventures.  Please contact us if you think that this approach would be suitable for your school.

Instruments - Loans and Purchasing

We can advise on instruments, including funding options and guide prices for the purchase/rental of instruments from local suppliers.  We are keen to work with individual schools to formulate an ongoing, sustainable programme to meet schools’ and pupils’ needs.

On request, we loan instruments/equipment to schools for WCET where available.

If we provide your WCET, instruments and equipment can usually be loaned at no extra cost.

The loaner/hirer is responsible for the maintenance and servicing costs for the instruments/equipment, and for any loss or damage sustained to the instruments/equipment and therefore must ensure adequate insurance is arranged. 

You may be able to hire instruments/equipment for non-Musica Kirklees activities depending on availability.  Please note delivery and hire charges may apply.
Please contact for more information.