Music Tuition

Music Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels


You can learn to sing or play almost any musical instrument either at school or at one of our Centres

If you’re an adult or it’s not possible to teach you in school, you can have lessons at one of our Centres

Our experienced teachers support pupils at every stage of their musicianship.

Choosing an Instrument

The short printer-friendly guides found in the links below should help you to decide upon the right instrument(s) for you.  Parents/carers - you may find it useful to look through these with your child.

We also have some videos, made by our teachers, to show you their favourite instruments - just click here to see them in action!

Deciding which instrument you would like to learn to play is very exciting!  Some people will already have chosen their favourite instrument; if you haven’t picked yours yet, there are a lot to choose from!  As you look through the guides, you might like to think about the following:

Each of the instrument guides recommends a piece of music or artist to listen to – you can usually find clips of these to watch and listen to on video sharing websites.  This should help you identify the unique sound quality of each instrument.

The guides below are listed by family; instruments in the same family usually produce sound in the same way (e.g. by plucking, blowing etc).  Try to identify the instrument ‘family’ you like the best because this will help you create a shortlist. 

You might find some instruments more suitable for you than others.  Consideration should be given to the practicalities of playing, hiring/purchasing and accommodating the instrument.  Visit our Instruments page for advice on purchasing, hiring/loaning and insuring instruments.

If you require more detailed information, please email

Explore our instrument guides here:













    *Instruments not available on loan from Musica Kirklees (percussion/drum kit, keyboards and guitars)

    ** Subject to availability. Musica Kirklees has a small stock of instruments available to loan.  If your first choice of instrument is not available on loan, you may be offered a similar instrument as an alternative.