Discounts for Kirklees Priority Passport Holders

The Kirklees Priority Passport is a programme run by Kirklees Council offering discounts on council-run schemes as well as some external services, such as Musica Kirklees.  The programme is open to Kirklees residents in receipt of certain benefits.  Please visit the Kirklees Council website for more details or to apply online for a Kirklees Priority Passport.

What discounts do Musica Kirklees offer?

Kirklees Priority Passport holders will receive:

  • Up to £30 per term discount on Option A/B/C/D music lessons or £20 discount on 'minority instrument' tuition
  • FREE full membership of all suitable groups at Musica Kirklees' Central Ensembles and Music Centres

How to receive your discount:

Please email a photo of your/your child's Kirklees Priority Passport to [email protected]

Please note:

  • Discounts are available for Kirklees Priority Passport holders only.  We are unable to offer discounts to Kirklees Access Passport holders.
  • We are unable to backdate any discounts and Kirklees Priority Passports have expiry dates, so it’s really important that you keep us updated when you receive a new Kirklees Priority Passport