Advice and guidance on creating a video contribution for a 'Virtual Performance'

Emsemble leaders will be contacting group members if/when they are able to start making a group video. 

We hope you can get involved! 

Everyone involved needs to record their own performance and we'll mix all the videos together to create one video of the whole ensemble playing together.

To watch the performances created so far please visit our 'Virtual Performances' page.

Information for parents/carers/adult musicians:

Please note that by sending in a video you give consent for this to be used in the making of a multi-track video which will be used online and on social media by Musica Kirklees.

In the event that Musica Kirklees deems it appropriate to share the media with a trusted partner organisation (such as Music for Youth), no identifying information (name etc) will be given to that organisation without the permission of the parent (if under 16) or the young person (if 16 or over).

Creating your video:

Please watch this video tutorial to guide you through creating and submitting your video

Please think about the following when getting set up:

  • Videos need to be filmed in landscape
  • If you use a selfie mode you may end up with a mirror-image video.  Once you've made your video please flip it back horizontally to correct this using
  • Can you be seen clearly?  We'd like to see you properly!
  • Your sheet music should be kept out of shot - we want to see you instead!

During the recording:

  • Please say the name of the part you are playing at the start of the recording (e.g. Trumpet 3)
  • Did you clap on beat 4 in full view of the camera where instructed?
  • The click track should be played through headphones so we don't hear it on the recording

When you've finished recording:

  • Watch your performance back all the way through and check that we can see you clearly, hear your playing and that you've included all the information in the points above
  • Please make sure your video is in landscape
  • If you've filmed in selfie mode you might have a mirror-image style video.  Please correct this by flipping it horizontally at
  • Please save the video using a file name with the student's name and the part being played (e.g. Joe Bloggs Trumpet 3)

Submitting your video:

Your video will need to be sent to your Ensemble Leader; their email address will be on the email inviting you to be involved with the recording.  An easy way to send the video is via  Go to the and

  • Add your file (upload the video you've just made)
  • Add in the destination email, which is the email address of your Ensemble Leader)
  • Add your own email address
  • Transfer!

We hope you have fun making your video and look forward to sharing all your performances on our Virtual Performances page.