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Welcome to our Music Diary page for songwriting! 

Make a note of these recommended activities in your Music Diary to help with your practice.  We'll be adding new activities regularly to keep you inspired. 

 If you'd like to write your own songs you'll find be able to express your thoughts and feelings more exactly with some of the tips and techniques outlined below.

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  • Five steps to writing your own song:

A series of five videos of helpful advice for anyone looking to start songwriting or develop their skills

Part 1: Finding inspiration

Part 2: Organising your ideas around a structure

Part 3: Choosing chords

Part 4: Setting words to chord pattern

Part 5: Composing your verse

  • Lyric Writing Extravaganza!

Top tips for songwriting:



  • Alternative Tunings

Got a guitar?  Check out our three videos on using alternate tunings to come up with your own compositions!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: