Learn to Play

Our amazing teachers have made some videos to show you what you could learn to play.

There are so many instruments to choose from, and these are just a selection of our teachers' favourites.  If you can't find a video of your favourite instrument,  we have handy guides to all the individual instruments we teach available to download.

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Meet Mr Meredith, the Musica Kirklees Principal:


Mr Crone shows you his favourite instrument, the electric guitar:


Mrs Garside demonstrates the beautiful sound of the viola:


Mr Dolling's guide to the trombone:


Miss Pike shows you how you can learn to play the keyboard:


Mrs Isaacs demonstrates her favourite instrument, the clarinet:


 Mrs Kenyon gives a toot of the wonderful trumpet:


Drum roll please for Mr Merry and his drum kit:


Mr Mason brings you his favourite instrument, the bassoon:


Mr Mace shares with you the majestic sound of the cello:


Mr Zakers and the unmistakeable sound of steelpans:


Ms Eady demonstrates her favourite instrument, the classical guitar:


Monsieur Dolling and the French horn:


Miss Pike plays the supercool saxophone:


 Mr Kingham brings you the jazzy side of the trumpet:


See how many songs you can recognise Mrs Mansfield playing on the oboe:


The voice is also an instrument - Miss Pike tells you how you can have lessons in the voice:


It feels like Christmas has come early with Mr Dolling and the tuba:

Mrs Bell shares with you the magical sound of the flute: