Purchasing Instruments

If you would like any advice on purchasing an instrument, please speak to your music teacher.  They will be able to advise you about makes and models.  You local music shop will also be happy to help you find the right instrument for you.

Some instruments come in lots of different sizes for younger/smaller players and you may need to change sizes as you grow.  Please check with your teacher about sizing before purchasing an instrument. 

The price of instruments varies greatly from affordable beginner models right up to millions of pounds!  If you're going to have music lessons, please avoid 'toy' instruments.  They can be lots of fun to 'have a go' with, but they aren't always suitable to use in lessons.  A beginner or student model is suitable for anyone new to playing; your teacher will be able to offer you advice on finding the right instrument for you, whatever stage of learning you are at.

Second hand instruments can be a great way to save money.  If cared for, instruments can last many lifetimes!  Some instruments, like violins, violas, cellos and double basses, can develop a unique sound with age and playing.  If looking to purchase a second hand instrument, pay careful attention to the condition.  A few bumps or scratches aren't necessarily a problem.  More important are things like whether wooden instruments have warped or whether anything is loose.  Woodwind and brass instruments need checking for soldering and whether the keys are all working correctly.  You may wish to check whether a brass or woodwind instrument has been serviced (see section on Caring for an Instrument, Servicing and Repairs below), and be aware of the hygeinic condition of it too.


Instrument Loans/Hire

Your local music shop may offer a hire or hire purchase scheme.  This will give you access to an instrument without having to pay the full price immediately.  

Musica Kirklees has a small stock of instruments that students receiving Option A, B, C or D tuition can loan on a first-come-first-served basis.  We can't guarantee to be able to loan everyone an instrument, but we make as many as possible available to our students.  

We offer the loan of most instruments (depending on stock levels) with the exception of guitars, recorders, ukuleles, keyboards/pianos, electrical equipment and percussion instruments.

Some instruments come in lots of different sizes for younger/smaller players and you may need to change sizes as you grow.  Please check with your teacher about sizing.

If you would like to loan an instrument, please contact the Musica Kirklees Office by email at with the pupil's name, the instrument and the size required.  If we have an instrument available, the student will be able to loan the instrument for as long as they are receiving Option A, B, C or D tuition with Musica Kirklees.  There is a one-off administration fee and an Instrument Loan Agreement to complete on collection.  Click here to download a PDF version of the Terms and Conditions provided with each Instrument Loan Agreement.  All loan instruments must be collected from the Musica Kirklees Office.  Instruments are not kept on site and require preparation so please ensure that you have confirmation that an instrument is ready for you before calling to collect it.



If buying or hiring/loaning an instrument, check out your current insurance provider to find out if/what your policy could cover should your instrument be stolen or damaged.  There are companies, such as Allianz Musical Insurance, who specialise in cover for musical instruments too.  It is strongly recommended that you have insurance for valuable instruments.


Caring for an Instrument, Servicing and Repairs

Like a car, woodwind and brass instruments are mechanical and require regular servicing to keep them in good working condition.

An important part of learning to play an instrument is learning how to look after it.  Part of your practice routine should include using the correct types of cloths, oil and rosin, cleaning your instrument and ensuring that it is stored safely; usually in a specially designed case, away from any damp, direct sunlight or sources of heat/cold.

Woodwind and brass instruments also require servicing by a music professional.  Your teacher will be able to advise you when this is required and it does depend on how the instruments is cared for and the amount of use it has, but usually a service every one to two years will keep the instrument in optimum condition.  You are welcome to use a specialist music professional of your choice to carry out servicing; if you require a recommendation please email

If an instrument gets damaged it will need to be assessed.  There are many things that can be repaired or replaced by a professional repairer.  Please don't ever try to repair an instrument yourself unless you are experienced and know exactly what to do.  Temporary or bad repairs can sometimes make the damage a lot worse.  If the instrument is on loan from Musica Kirklees you must contact the Musica Kirklees Office as soon as the damage occurs.