WCET Guitar Activities and Resources

These activities and resources are for teachers working with pupils in Key Stage 3.

Additional activities for pupils receiving small group/individual instrumental or vocal tuition can be found on our Resources for Pupils pages.

E Minor Improvisation

E Minor Improvisation

A creative way to explore E minor with video tutorial, worksheet and backing track

Download Worksheet

Download Backing Track

Chip Shop Guitar Warm Up

A fun warm up for beginner guitarists.

Reward Chart

Reward Chart

Record your practice by colouring in this chart.  How will you celebrate when you've filled it all in?   

Guitar - 2nd Position Composing

A composition exercise for guitarists

A fiendishly fun set of questions for classical guitarists (answers at the bottom of the document). Ideal practice for anyone wanting to brush up their skills or working towards a music exam. Suitable for grades initial to 3.