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Welcome to our Music Diary page for the ukulele! 

Make a note of these recommended activities in your Music Diary to help with your practice.  We'll be adding new activities regularly to keep you inspired. 

Regular practice can be fun and will help improve your playing or singing.

Remember - you're in charge of your practice routine so you can work at your own pace.  Keep working on new pieces or skills until you feel confident with them before moving on to the next challenge.  

Click here for Resources for Curriculum Music

Click here for Resources for Aural and Theory


Use the Instrumental Update Worksheets (Worksheet 1 PDF     Worksheet 2 PDF) to help you get the most from these activities in your practice.




Step-by-step guides to get everyone playing the ukulele!  Parents/carers might enjoy using these booklets to learn with their children.

Download the three page worksheet/sheet music and follow these three step-by-step videos to learn how to read ukulele music:

1. Introduction and getting started

2. 'Yippee!' for open strings

3. 'My Dog Has Fleas' for open strings

Explore the C major scale and learn about improvisation with Mr Bateman:

A good piece to play on your own, with accompaniment from a family member or using our free mp3 download backing track

A fun song to learn, play and sing - with a very important message:

A bumper book of easy songs for beginners upwards

  • 'Oh When the Saints'

A beginner's guide to playing 'Oh When the Saints':

This piece is taken from the Mya-Moe Ukulele website.  This sheet music is suitable for beginners to play along the main melody with Ms Eady's video.   


Grade 1 and Above

All abilities can enjoy learning to play this wartime song:


This piece is taken from the Mya-Moe Ukulele website.  It can be played as a solo piece or as a duet.  Ms Eady is playing the duet version here.  Use the sheet music to play the main tune from notation or tab, or more advanced players familiar with the format may wish to try the full tab solo/duet version.




Additional Activities and Resources

Looking for more fun ideas or challenging activities?  Try some of these below:

Record your practice by colouring in this chart.  How will you celebrate when you've filled it all in?

This worksheet will guide you through our online resources in a structured way to help with your practice routine.  It's full of ideas and useful links for ukulele players.

  • How to Tune a Ukulele 

Learn how to tune your ukulele so it sounds at its best for each time you practice:


Use this worksheet to discover how to build chords in a key and put the theory into practice