Resources for Home Learning

Musica Kirklees provide classroom lessons to thousands of children in Kirklees each week.  You and your child may know our teachers from whole class lessons learning to play an instrument, school choirs, bands or after school clubs.

There are lots of ways you can develop musical knowledge and have fun using the resources on this page.  Some activities may require a musical instrument or some basic musical knowledge, others are suitable for everyone with no equipment required so please browse through to find what works for you and your child.

If you have a musical instrument at home, you might like to visit our 'Resources for Pupils' page for even more videos and worksheets.

Parents/carers - we hope you and your child enjoy working through these activities and watching these inspirational videos together.  Keep checking in as we're adding new things all the time!

Recommended videos:

A video exploring the different rhythmic instruments of Africa.  Recommended for children taking African drumming/djembe classes at school - and everyone else!  You may like to discuss with your child how the different instruments produce sound, try to clapping some of the rhythms demonstrated and make your own African-inspired percussion instruments using things you have at home.

Worksheets (downloadable PDFs):

Yr4 Brass Activities 2

More brass fun for Mr Pulleyn's students at Overthorpe and Crossley Fields School - and for you!

Music Notation Revision

Aimed at year 4 Whole Class Brass, see how many questions you can answer. Don't worry if you're not a brass player, anyone can do it!

Music Notation Revision - answers

The answers to the Music Notation Revision worksheet

Yr4 Brass Activities 1

Do you like a challenge? Mr Pulleyn has set this worksheet for his classes at Crossley Fields and Overthorpe Schools and you can give it a go too!