Bass Clef Brass

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Welcome to our Music Diary page for bass clef brass (trombone and tuba)! 

Make a note of these recommended activities in your Music Diary to help with your practice.  We'll be adding new activities regularly to keep you inspired. 

Regular practice will help you get better and better.  The more you play, the more advanced you'll become.

Remember - you're in charge of your practice routine so you can work at your own pace.  Keep working on new pieces or skills until you feel confident with them before moving on to the next challenge.  

Click here for Resources for Curriculum Music

Click here for Resources for Aural and Theory


Use the Instrumental Update Worksheets (Worksheet 1 PDF     Worksheet 2 PDF) to help you get the most from these activities in your practice.




  • Posture and Breathing

How to maintian correct posture and breathing in preparation for your practice:

  • Embouchure and Note Production

How to ensure you're using the correct technique for your playing:

  • Warm Up

Mr Wightman shows you a simple way to warm up using scales and arpeggios:

  • Lip Flexibility Exercise Tutorial

Top tips on how to improve your lip flexibility:

Exercises specific for each grade (1 to 8)

  • Trombone - 'Banana Rap' 1 using F, Eb and D

Tutorial on 'Banana Rap' from the Musica Kirklees Trombone Beginner Book: 

  • Trombone - 'Banana Rap' 2 using Bb, C and D

More 'Banana Rap' fun for bass clef trombone:

  • Trombone - Police Car Jam

Learn this piece using your Musica Kirklees Beginner Book and Mr Kingham's video:

  • Trombone - 'Dinosaur Stomp'

Prehistoric practice time!:

  • Trombone - Bb, C and D

Mr Dolling shows you how to play Bb, C and D:

  • Trombone - B and C Exercises

Once you're familiar with B and C, follow Mr Kingham's video to practice them:

Do you have the need for speed?  Use this exercise to improve your articulation and valve co-ordination as well as strengthen your fingers.

  • Trombone - 'Shotgun'

Mr Brown guides trombonists through George Ezra's chart topper:

  • Tuba - Eb, F and G  

Practise your minims, crotchets and quavers with Eb, F and G:

  • Tuba - Eb, F, G and Ab

Now you know Eb, F and G it's time to add Ab:

  • Tuba - Bb, 'Funky Fingers' and 'Step by Step'

  Introducing Bb and dynamics to your playing:

Ready, steady, go!  Use half scales to increase finger strength as well as improve articulation and valve work:

  • Tuba - 'March of the Ants'

Mr Dolling presents a tutorial for pre-grade 1 to grade 3 players:

A piece that can be played as a trio or duet.  Find the right part for your instrument in the sheet music and Mr Dolling will show you how to play it:

  • Tuba - 'A Million Dreams'

Mr Brown shows you how you can play 'A Million Dreams' from The Greatest Showman on the tuba (suitable for players grade 1 - 3):

  • Tuba - 'Bad Guy'

It's time to get funky!  Billie Eilish's song uses lots of synchopation and sounds really good on the tuba.  Learn to play it with Mr Brown:

  • Tuba - 'Hedwig's Theme'

'Hedwig's Theme' is the famous theme tune to the Harry Potter films.  Here's how you can play it too (suitable for grade 1 - 3 tuba players):




Improvisation activity based around the blues scale:

Exercises specific for each grade (1 to 8)




Improvisation activity based around the blues scale:

Develop your improvisation skills further using the worksheet, music and video below:

Exercises specific for each grade (1 to 8)



    Additional Activities and Resources

    Looking for more fun ideas, hints and tips or challenging activities?  Try some of these below:

    Record your practice by colouring in this chart.  How will you celebrate when you've filled it all in?   

    • Instrument Cleaning Guides

    Mr Kingham presents a series of 'how to' guides for keeping your instrument clean and in good playing condition.

    Basic clean:

    Deeper clean part 1 (adult help needed):

    Deeper clean part 2 (adult help needed):

    Mouthpiece cleaning:

    Metal trombone cleaning:

    Plastic trombone cleaning: