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Posted: 2019-11-11

London Calling for Musica Kirklees Students

Article by Damon Whittle

Students at Musica Kirklees are due to perform at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday, 13th November. This is part of a national festival which has taken place over the course of the year.

The festival has been established by Music for Youth (MfY), an organisation that will next year celebrate its 50th year. MfY has held events all year, starting in March when they hosted the regional rounds. Musica Kirklees participated in this by holding an event at Colne Valley High School in Huddersfield which ran over the weekend.

The events taking place on the 12/13 of November are the Music for Youth Proms, which are held at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Approximately a thousand young people from up and down the country are expected to perform there each night.


Thom Meredith, the Principal of Musica Kirklees, expressed his excitement for the upcoming performance, stating that; “This year Musica Youth Strings have been invited to play as part of the Proms and are performing music from Lord of the Dance. MfY invited our strings and also asked if we could provide some singers to add to the effectiveness of the opening - we jumped at the opportunity!”


The charity, formerly known as Kirklees Music School, has been delivering music tuition to pupils across Kirklees since 1992. They teach a wide variety of music ranging from traditional brass bands, choirs and orchestra, to contemporary rock bands and guitars - They also provide opportunities for young people to play at events both nationally and internationally.


Thom also noted that last year’s Proms performance was a success for Musica Kirklees, and that they had been delighted that Musica Youth Jazz were chosen to appear at the event; “They were absolutely stunning, it was a really fun, upbeat musical experience and they got a huge reception from the audience”.


“I’m really looking forward to this year. Musica Kirklees is very lucky as we’ve got so many very talented staff and teachers who work with our young people. I know that whenever I go to see our concerts, it’s just a delight to sit back and watch the work that people have been doing”.


“Peter Simons has been working with Musica Youth Strings along with Sue Bennett who’s been coaching the choir and are both outstanding teachers. They’ve both got the enthusiasm and knowledge to inspire” he added.