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Posted: 2019-02-18

Huddersfield Mrs Sunderland Festival 2019

For 130 years the Huddersfield Mrs Sunderland Festival has provided a platform for local musicians, poets, actors and dancers to share their talents and gain performance experience.  The festival is named after Susannah Sunderland, a 19th century Yorkshirewoman who found fame as a soprano and even performed for Queen Victoria! 

We’re sure that Mrs Sunderland would have been proud of all of Musica Kirklees’s singers and instrumentalists who took part in the festival this year at Huddersfield Town Hall, as are we!  Congratulations go to all of them:

  • All three entrants for the Kirklees Young Musician of the Year were part of Musica Kirklees/Kirklees Music School during their time in education - Issy Hayley-Porteous, Tom Broadbent and Will Robertson.  They all played incredibly well.  Will Robertson won the competition with some beautiful Fauré and Haydn.
  • Harriet C - Disney vocal class for singers in year 6 and 7
  • Matthew R - piano year 4 and under
  • Julia K - piano year 8 and under
  • Holly A - piano year 4 and under
  • Jacob B - piano year 4 and under
  • Freya S - piano year 6 and under
  • James M - piano year 5 and under
  • Matilda F - piano year 6 and under
  • William H - received Laura Waller trophy - woodwind year 6 and under, received B B White trophy - woodwind year 9 and under and awarded 3rd place - two instruments category
  • Abbie S - awarded 3rd place - woodwind year 9 and under
  • Adonai K and Ella R - awarded 3rd place - piano duet year 9 and under
  • Louise C and Evie O - awarded 2nd place - piano duet year 9 and under
  • Louise C and Tina C - family duet
  • Laura B and Mrs B - awarded 3rd place - family duet
  • Isobel K - received Dr Dawn M Lowther trophy - open woodwind class and competitor - solo instrumentalists challenge
  • The Three Bows - winner - year 6 and under ensemble
  • Beaumont Park Ukuleles - winner (6th year in a row!) - open ukulele group
  • Musica Youth Orchestra accompanied the ‘Sing Hellelujah!’ (Come and Sing Messiah) event and the Valentine’s Day event which saw over 900 primary school children take part in a morning workshop and 300 in the evening concert.  Rosella T, Harry S, Sasha G and Kitty C along with professional pianist Chris Pulleyn made for an accomplished backing band.
  • Muisca Kirklees staff formed a quartet to accompany dancers for the ‘Music for the Brain’ Tea Dance in support of The Alzheimer’s Society.