Kirklees Music School, trading as Musica Kirklees

We are an independent organisation, a registered charity (no. 1013838) and company limited by guarantee (no. 2737172), which exists to promote the advancement of public education in all aspects of music.  It was formed in 1992 as an alternative to a music service fully funded by Kirklees Council.  The organisation works closely in partnership with KC Children and Young People’s Service and Musica Kirklees is the preferred provider of music services for the district – in schools, at central classes and ensembles at the five centres throughout Kirklees.

Musica Kirklees delivers tuition to over 5000 pupils in Kirklees through Whole Class Ensemble Tuition and a further 2400 pupils in small group instrumental tuition.  Twice a year our teachers form recital or #LearnToPlay demo groups and give live performances in schools, bringing live music to a further 6000 pupils. 

Musica Kirklees has over 70 members of staff, most performing a mainly teaching function, with a small administrative team based at the offices in Beast Market, Huddersfield. 

The management is headed by the Principal (Nick Dolling) with Vice Principal (Peter McHugh) , supported by five Area Managers and the administrative team.  They are backed by the Board of Directors, comprising a mix of representatives from local life.

Musica Kirklees aims to provide the highest quality music education for all.  We aim to do this by:

  • Providing enjoyable musical experiences delivered by a team of dedicated, qualified and skilled staff
  • Identifying and nurturing talent to enable pupils to develop a love of music
  • Welcoming participation in a wide range of rehearsal and performance opportunities
  • Encouraging artistic and intellectual growth of the individual as part of lifelong learning
  • Realising potential through success and achievement at all levels
  • Fostering self-esteem, self-discipline and social integration
  • Providing partnerships and other positive links with schools and the community
  • Promoting high profile musical activity within Kirklees, nationally and internationally

Groups from our Centres and Central Ensembles have enjoyed great success at both regional and national level and we have been very well represented at the National Festival of Music for Youth for many years – we place great importance on the social and emotional benefits that involvement with music can bring.

Board of Directors

As a Charitable Trust, Musica Kirklees has a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is comprised of:

  • Mrs Nina Garforth (Chair of the Board)
  • Cllr Beverley Addy
  • Mrs Helen Davies
  • Mr Adam Harris
  • Mr Bruce Jones
  • Mr Matthew McKirgan
  • Mr Jonathan Nunn
  • Cllr Andrew Pinnock

Staff at Musica Kirklees

We have a senior management team headed up by Nick Dolling who work closely with our stakeholders (parents/carers, pupils and schools), teaching and non-teaching staff and our board of directors.

Senior Management Team

Nick Dolling - Principal

Peter McHugh - Vice Principal


Area Managers

Nicola Bell (Mirfield)

Ginette Eady (Holme Valley)

Jennifer Isaacs (Batley)

Adam Kingham (Shelley)

Peter Simons (Colne Valley)


Teaching Staff

Woodwind Department

  • Mrs N Bell
  • Mr J Curgenven
  • Mrs J Isaacs
  • Mrs L Kingham
  • Mrs T Mansfield
  • Mrs R O'Sullivan
  • Miss J Taylor

Brass Department

  • Mr J Atkins
  • Mr G Brown
  • Mr J Davies
  • Mr C Lennon
  • Mr N Dolling
  • Mr A Kingham
  • Mr S Mansfield
  • Mr J Wightman


String Department

  • Miss A Berry
  • Miss K Chappell
  • Mrs C Kelly
  • Mr W Mace
  • Miss L Shaw
  • Mr P Simons
  • Mrs N Six-smith
  • Miss I Williamson
  • Mrs J Worboys-Hodgson

Percussion Department

  • Mrs C Clegg
  • Mr M Delaney
  • Mr T Merry
  • Mr P Needham
  • Mr H Stobart
  • Mrs L Thompson
  • Mr M Zakers

Vocal Department

  • Mrs S Ball
  • Mrs S Bennett
  • Mr S Bradnum
  • Mrs J Frith
  • Mr B Lawrence
  • Mr T Meredith
  • Mr C Murray
  • Mr P Needham
  • Mrs T Waller

Guitar Department

  • Ms G Eady
  • Miss S Edwards
  • Mr E Ellis
  • Miss C Hartley
  • Mr D Johns
  • Dr C McEvoy
  • Mr K Rivett
  • Mrs J Robinson
  • Miss H Roulson
  • Mr T Vasdaris

Piano/Keyboard Department

  • Mrs N Bell
  • Mrs J Dolling
  • Mrs R Garside
  • Mr M Henkel
  • Mr D Johns
  • Mr L Kelly
  • Mr S Kitchen
  • Ms J Mellor
  • Mrs L Pearson
  • Miss S Tse
  • Miss I Williamson

Electric Guitar/Music Technology Department

  • Mr M Crone
  • Mr M Scriven

Administrative Staff

  • Natalie Brown
  • Debbie Gee
  • Caroline Limb (Quality Assurance)
  • Niki Matthews (PA to Principal)
  • Claire Parsons
  • Siobhan Potter
  • Claire Silversides
  • Sara Zbos

Centre Co-Ordinators

  • Mrs P Graham (Batley)
  • Mrs S Zbos (Colne Valley)
  • Mrs S Cieciala (Holme Valley & Central Ensembles)
  • Mrs T Jackson (Mirfield)
  • Mrs R Sixsmith (Shelley)

Curriculum and Advisory Department

  • Mr T Meredith

Auxiliary Staff

  • Alice Brook