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Posted: 2012-05-10

Hub leader status for KMS

Kirklees MUSIC EDUCATION HUB Press Release:


The Arts Council has recently announced the successful bidders for the 122 new ‘Music Education Hubs’ that will provide instrumental lessons, bands, choirs, orchestras, and other music-making opportunities in and out of school for all children in their local area.The new hubs will build on the work of music services across the country, which have been providing children with these kinds of opportunities since 1935.  Kirklees Music School (which has functioned as an Independent Music Service for Kirklees, working closely with Kirklees Council, since 1992) has been chosen to run the Music Education Hub for Kirklees and is delighted to have been selected for the role. 

In creating the bid, KMS worked closely with a range of musical organisations from across Kirklees and the Hub should also serve to aid dialogue between arts providers, funders and music making bodies of all kinds across the area.  Hubs will be the focus of local partnerships which aim to give all children a chance to be young musicians and are part of wider government reforms to music education which promise fairer distribution of funding.   As part of the changes, the Department for Education has devolved management of this funding to Arts Council England.


Thom Meredith, Principal of KMS explained:

“The face of music education has been changing rapidly over recent years and KMS has become more and more involved in working with young people and adults in all situations – we now work with over 10,000 young people each week and believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience playing and instrument and singing.  Leading the Hub for Kirklees will give us the opportunity to increase our partnerships and collaborative programmes and to examine how we ensure that all young people are signposted to high quality music making activities across the area.

Music and all the arts can have such a positive effect on young people’s lives.  You only have to look at the 30,000 young people involved in the National Festival of Music for Youth which announced the next round of performances in Birmingham last week; the take up of 6,000 young people for our Kirklees Stadium Spectacular 2012 event on 29th June, let alone the range of talent programmes that are our staple diet on Saturday evenings to see how we as a local and a global community love to engage with music. This is not just because we enjoy music for its own sake, but also because it helps our social interaction, increases our self-confidence, encourages us to embrace different cultures, to become more active and fulfilled individuals and also have fun!”


The Federation of Music Services (FMS – the body which represents Music Services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) is delighted that the leadership skills of Music Services have been so clearly recognised by the Arts Council


Virginia Haworth-Galt, Chief Executive of FMS said:

“FMS celebrates the fact that the so many Music Services have been successful in their bids to lead hubs and that all hubs will benefit from the skills and expertise of Music Services. Leadership by Music Services will guarantee a quality local music education giving all children a chance to learn to play an instrument, sing, play in a band and perform.  The work all Music Services do every week in providing ensembles and tuition means they continue to be the backbone of children’s music education in England.  There is a great deal of hard work to be done between now and September to shape up the hubs and FMS has a key role to play in helping Music Services lead the way.”


Cluny Macpherson, Regional Director of Arts Council England said:

“The difference that music can make to minds of all ages is significant, and for young people the benefits are manifold – not just in terms of academic achievement but also confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing.

Our regional music education hubs will ensure that opportunities to play music and sing reach as many young people across Yorkshire and Humber as possible – effectively meaning that through innovative models, best practice and creative partnerships, young people – regardless of their location or personal circumstances - will be able to reap these benefits through their own musical experiences.”